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Welcome to johnnydepp_hush, a Johnny Depp icon contest community for textless icons! Every week, there will be new challenges for you to participate, vote, and win in! The challenges will be divided into three sections: the Regular Challenge, the Theme Challenge, and the Hunt Challenge. The Regular Challenge will always feature pictures of Johnny Depp as himself for you to icon, while the Theme Challenge will feature pictures of him as one of his numerous characters, and the Hunt Challenge will ask you to find a certain picture of something Johnny Depp-related to icon. Rules will be posted for each challenge, but if you're still confused, please do not hesitate to contact one of the administrators for help.

Moderators: lady_boromir and crazy_in_lost

Banner Makers: We are currently in need of some reliable banner makers, so if you'd like to make banners for this community, please let us know in the Affliate Thread

Additional thanks to minty_peach for the layout, and crazy_in_lost for the profile header and icon.

(+) Icons must fit LJ standards: No bigger than 100x100 px and 40 KB, in either JPG, GIF or PNG format.

(+) There are several different contests in each challenge. Please be sure to read the rules for each contest very carefully because they all differ. If you plan on entering more than one contest, please enter them all in one comment, specifying which go to each contest.

(+) Text and animation is NOT allowed (unless otherwise stated in the challenge). This means that your icon can have no letters on it whatsoever, not even tiny text as it is still text. Chinese characters and anything along those lines are not allowed either. If there is text on your icon, or it has animation, than it will be disqualified.

(+) Only enter new icons that you've made specifically for the challenge. Since this contest is anonymous, we ask that you do not offer your icon up at another community or use it until the challenge is completed. You can be disqualified if a moderator finds out that you have been sharing your icon around before the challenge has ended.

(+) You must be a member to vote. Do not vote for yourself, and do not ask others to vote for you. You don't need to be an icon-maker to join, you may join just to vote.

(+) Your icon can win any of the following: First, Second, Third, or Mod's Choice.

(+) If you take any of the icons to use after the challenge voting has concluded, please credit the creator of the icon.

(+) An example of how to enter an icon:


(+) Any violation of the above rules can result in a disqualification.
Challenge Posted: Sunday
Challenge Ends: Friday at 6pm (PST)
Voting Begins: Friday after 6pm (PST)
Voting Ends: Saturday 6pm (PST)
Winners Announced: Saturday After Voting Ends
If you want to affliate with us, please comment here. Thanks!

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Johnny Depp Hush

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